Dave's Jungle


 School-children had a close encounter with some of the world’s scariest and fascinating creatures, when ‘Dave’s Jungle’ visited our school on Thursday 12th january.

 Kids could touch and hold many animals adults would normally run from, including a tarantula, snakes, crocodile and a scorpion.  There was even an alligator snapping turtle.

 Not only did they experience the creatures first-hand, Dave Griffin of Dave’s Jungle explained to them about his friends habitats, where they are from, diets and senses they have.

 Dave said: “Part of the fear of holding creatures like these is that people don’t understand them.  So once the children learned about how they live, they were quite happy to handle them – they even had a tarantula on their heads.”

 A favourite of the school was Eddie the Iguana, who was happy crawling around the hall.

 Michael Culloo, principal, said: “Along with the normal curriculum, we include something different – and this certainly lived up to that!

 “The school got a tremendous buzz from seeing these amazing creatures – and for a pupil to say they actually held a scorpion and stroke a crocodile was a real achievement.”

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                                Wow !! Pupils holding up a Burmese Python